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Anglia Ruskin Sports and Exercise Science, Music Technology, and Computer Gaming Studies students get new accommodation

Project News Posted on 17 Apr, 2016 18:21

Compass House is now in full operation with the three departments moved in an the facilities in operation. Soft landscaping remains to be completed but otherwise the site redevelopment is complete.
Coffee, socialising, and laboratory studies are being carried out in the former undercroft car park area. The once open plan upper floors office spaces now have structure within structure acoustically isolated music recording suites and multiple teaching and learning spaces with more than their fair share of IT equipment.

The University’s own website describes the centre more succinctly than I could as follows:

“Our gaming, music technology and sports and exercise science students will have a new home in Compass House, which will extend our campus along East Road. We’re investing more than £3.5million in new facilities, including recording studio suites, Development Labs for computer sciences, Digital Systems Design Labs, Video Labs, AV Labs, two lecture theatres – one of which will be a Critical Listening Theatre. Our gaming and music technology students will have the latest equipment, and be able to collaborate with other students on innovative projects to hone their skills.”

A project page will be added to the portfolio in due course but for the time being some photos are added here in no particular order:

New Student entrance

New fabric to the undercroft space

New cafe space in the old undercroft

New sports and exercise multi purpose laboratory
Sports physiology laboratory

Critical listening lecture theatre, acoustically separated construction.

Sports and Exercise Science Accommodation


Company News Posted on 17 Apr, 2016 18:00

It’s been a busy quarter. The current state of some of the things preventing further development of this website include:

The house in an AONB near Henley goes to site the first week in May for a 52 week contract.

The conservation area Victorian coach house conversion tenders return later this month.

The house in Warwickshire continues at pace with a completion this spring all being well.

Two school externals projects will be submitted for pre-application advice, with the first this coming week.

Surveyors are due the first week in May so the scheme for a house in Solihull can continue in May.

The new Estates office development in Derby will go to the planners hopefully before next month.

The scheme at Anglia Ruskin is complete with some much needed additional space for the university now in operation. There will be a news post on that separately.