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Updates to a:nw projects on the desk, drawing board and on site.

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University of Warwick

Company News Posted on 05 Jul, 2016 18:30

It was good to be back in Coventry today working at the campus. Good also to look at works I worked on and completed over the last ten years and see them settled into their context and wearing well.

Initial structure complete in South Oxfordshire

Project News Posted on 05 Jul, 2016 18:27

The first image (from a site visit in late June), shows some of the steels that will form the new glass wall opening to the dining extension, which projects forward of the main new house construction.
The second image is a view from the new front door porch through what will be the stair way and the feature window (which will rise to the top of the steel columns) orientated on the mature tree in the garden.

House well under way in Stratford

Project News Posted on 05 Jul, 2016 18:20

Visited site on one of the rarer sunny days in this last month. Works are proceeding at pace with fenestration in, roof lights and skylights in and the external finishes nearing completion for a watertight envelope. The ground floor stone finish is to be added to the study/office extension. The perspective views of the house have featured previously and I’m pleased with the similarity between those and the photos that are already showing.

The first image is the view from the driveway, the second the view from the second floor balcony as will be looking down through the triple height hallway to the entrance.