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Updates to a:nw projects on the desk, drawing board and on site.

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Portfolio added to website

Website News Posted on 18 Nov, 2014 19:28

Previous project information has now been added to the portfolio section of the website providing more of a ‘flavour’ for a:nw’s approach to design. The section is by no means yet complete but has a starting line-up of projects to review: completed works, feasibility studies and designs that didn’t quite (or yet) make it to site. You can take a short cut there by clicking here.

New ‘news’ page – first post

Website News Posted on 13 Aug, 2014 15:55

News and updates to projects will now be in this format which should allow a more user friendly and industry standard way (weBlog) of accessing up to date information on a:nw projects.

I won’t be recreating all old news and I’ll leave that tucked away on the website somewhere for the time being. I’ll be developing a projects page soon to cover some older completed projects.