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Updates to a:nw projects on the desk, drawing board and on site.

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University of Warwick

Company News Posted on 05 Jul, 2016 18:30

It was good to be back in Coventry today working at the campus. Good also to look at works I worked on and completed over the last ten years and see them settled into their context and wearing well.


Company News Posted on 17 Apr, 2016 18:00

It’s been a busy quarter. The current state of some of the things preventing further development of this website include:

The house in an AONB near Henley goes to site the first week in May for a 52 week contract.

The conservation area Victorian coach house conversion tenders return later this month.

The house in Warwickshire continues at pace with a completion this spring all being well.

Two school externals projects will be submitted for pre-application advice, with the first this coming week.

Surveyors are due the first week in May so the scheme for a house in Solihull can continue in May.

The new Estates office development in Derby will go to the planners hopefully before next month.

The scheme at Anglia Ruskin is complete with some much needed additional space for the university now in operation. There will be a news post on that separately.


Company News Posted on 08 Jan, 2016 16:51

New page set up on Houzz website. Early days in terms of content but two current projects are highlighted at the moment.

See the page here.

Planning permissions arrive like buses

Company News Posted on 09 Sep, 2015 11:58

You wait through the summer and then three permissions land on the same day.
Good news for the house project in an AONB in South Oxfordshire and the two areas of extended facilities at the childcare centre in Green Belt land near Dorridge.

Recent Submission

Company News Posted on 07 Aug, 2015 12:06

Some imagery from a recent competitive tender submission for a conversion of a sports hall, a:nw assisting with the design of the external envelope and external works. The photorealistic render was outsourced.

Recent Tender Submission

Company News Posted on 26 Jul, 2015 22:29

Images of the interior from a recent tender submission scheme for a 400sqm collaborative working unit. On a narrow plot the extension was to provide a flexible and adaptable space for the digital industry and academia to meet.

Conversion and Extension

Company News Posted on 06 May, 2015 15:07

Two more residential projects started over the last couple of weeks.

The first a significant refurbishment and extension of an Edwardian farmhouse to create a 400sqm country villa.

The second a refurbishment of a Victorian Coach house in a village conservation area to form additional bedroom and living accommodation.

School Feasibility Study

Company News Posted on 06 May, 2015 14:57

a:nw appointment to conduct a feasibility study for new teaching facilities confirmed this week.

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